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From London To Charming Slovenia … Be Your Best Self Any Time

Bled Slovenia, November 2011
Bled Slovenia, November 2011

When I woke up from a wonderful night of dreams in the morning on my last day of London. It was a truly great experience to be in London again. I said goodbye to the lovely staff at my home in London, The St. Christoper’s Inn‘s Hammersmith Hostel after breakfast and headed to The Victoria Station on the London Underground. There I took the Teravision bus to the Stanstead airport. And on the bus, we had a truly interasting journey-long conversation with the driver Tomek from Poland.
At first, before we started talking, there was this impression of another “poor” Polish guy is making a hard living in the UK. When infact this guy is a very successful person. It’s amazing, the guy is married to a doctor of economics back in Poland, they have a 2,5 year old daughter and they own a lot of properties around Warsaw and Poland. Her sister owns a company in Spain called Made  In Poland.

We really enjoyed sharing ideas of our entrepreneurship’s spirits. And he said something very interesting, which really captured my attention.
He said: “It’s easy to make it in a start up business in London. There is 10 million people with relatively good money standard. All you need to do is find up a way, for every one of them to pay you just one pound a month and you’re a rich man.”

Ok, thats a very basic idea, but it’s an interesting thought to chew on. After the events in Slovenia, which totally disappointed me deeply, I was pretty much ready to leave it all behind. Still I had an idea to start teaching students how to “Be Your Best Self Any Time – University Exams With Pure Ease” in Slovenia.

But doing another business from the start up in the framework this country is offering would be just like the story of a guy, who walks down the ally at night. He gets beaten and his wallet stolen. The second night, the same guy walks the same alley from work, gets his wallet stolen and beaten. The third night, same story.

Do you think on the fourth night the guy is going to go from work in the same ally? Well he might, but this time with a gun or some bodyguards . . . or just simply choosing a different alley fells the best choice for me.

Business In SloveniaI have the same risks if I start my business in Slovenia or in London . . . Still there is nothing to lose, a statment: “I will either enjoy getting what I want, from this decision; Or I will enjoy learning what I need to get what I want, or better” seems to work the best when starting new things. It’s a gain for sure frame of mind.
London, UKMoreover in London there is a potential market of 10 million people in one developed global city with magnificent start up business framework. And comparing this to a central European post-communist country with a lot of systematical issues, bribery and black economy and 2 million potential market. . . I think, there is nothing more to think about, really.

And I just love to be in the city of London. People from around the globe meet in this one place. . . And leaving it after just 5 days felt a bit strange.

The Mighty Triglav, Julian Alps, Slovenia
The Mighty Triglav, Julian Alps, Slovenia

We landed in Slovenia and I must admit, I have some relay pleasant feelings of cosines in my body. It is a beautiful country. Truly magnificent. I am able to experience these feeling more because I know already I am leaving to Portugal in a little more than 2 months. If I knew I would be staying here for an unknown unlimited period of time . . . I would feel like landing in one prison. Everything here is so very limited and complicated. It’s not about the people. I love some of the people here and my close family. But just the whole of the things is just made perfect for one normal life . . .I fell like Bob Marley says in his song Talking Blues: “Your feet are just too big for your shoes”

So now all I need to do . . . is find my self a bigger shoe 😉



And just visit this place for its beauty and people once a year or so . . .

One, Two, Freedom – The London Seminar

Years ago, when I was 15 years old and was in England to truly learn the language, I first came across Bob Marley songs. One song in particular captured my imagination on another level.  The song is called “Redemption Songs” and the part of the lyrics that still  motivates me most is:

” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but our selves can free our minds”

I brought this up, as I fell that this statement at that time, put my life’s path to a new direction… and was in the background of every decision of finding the a way to true, unconditional freedom. That’s how I came across 2 great man. For me, the two greatest men in the world today. I am not giving them credit for my finding of freedom. That was my choice. But they really paved the path and put directional sings to the road to get there. Shinzen Young and Paul Jeffries are added to my role model list.
Up until now, there were only Bob Marley and Miriam Makebaon the list. And the people I look up to: Are the people who gave their heart, their soul and their everything to fulfill their passion of making our earth a place as it should be.

They’ve left us a part of them… for all the people to have forever. And is there really something more to life than that?
I don’t know… but those people all look really happy in one enchanting different way. And seems to me that in everyone and all of us, there is potential to achieve those kind of truly great things… it’s just a matter of getting to it.

And this seminar, for the whole weekend long, was about that. I am sharing the sneak peak preview of the Mindframe Persuasion Home Study Course.
I completley understand and am aware of the fact that some people will strongly disagree and be maybe even shocked, about the video you might see below… but you know, that’s a good thing. This is not for all people. I wish it could be for every people…. well maybe… not just at this time. As Bob Marley said:

“Those who have eyes to see, will see”

Bob Marley, Miriam Makeba, Paul Jeffries and Shinzen Young. I Thank You from my heart, for your effortless dedication in achieving your personal mission of showing the people the way to true freedom and unconditional happiness.

My Dream, My Destiny, My Path…. My Story, To Share Forever

Deep Soul Surfer Book
Deep Soul Surfer Book

Ever since I can remember, being in the water was the most amazing feeling for me.
And now surfing The Great Ocean, has made me discover the true meaning of being; Pure freedom of traveling The One Earth in my Camper van and gather knowledge, insights, teachings and findings of the great Universal Nature of connection with people on the Blue Planet and beyond.
And share this with the world.
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You wish it, Trully – You got it, Really

The Berlengas Forte Da São João Baptista

The last sight of the sun on the summer solstice
The last sight of the sun on the summer solstice

After finishing writng my yesterdays posts in the Danau Baleal Beach bar, I started talking to one guy, who was sitting by the table next to me and also working on the computer. We “met” earlier, as we were looking after each-others  computers, when the need for toilet came along. 😉
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