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A Fun Relaxing Day With Generation Y

Sveti Rok Church, Šmarje Pri Jelšah, Slovenia
Sveti Rok Church, Šmarje Pri Jelšah, Slovenia
The Host Of The Picnic @ Sveti Rok
The Host Of The Picnic @ Sveti Rok

On Saturday after work I was on my way to Šmarje pri Jelšah, where my friend Rok, was hosting an Y Institute picnic by the Church of Saint Rok.

It’s about a two-hour drive to get to this place in the north-east part of Slovenia. And on the way there I was truly impressed by the beauty of my home country. It’s been a really pleasant drive, especially with the thoughts in mind of meeting the people, members of the Y Institute, friends . . . for I think first time this year. Was a joyful feeling.

The Y Institute, Zavod Y
The Ypsilon Institute

I like to spend time with these kind of people.
The Y Institute is an organization of young individuals functioning on these core aims:

  • combining the most talented representatives of Generation Y in various fields,
  • education, awareness and integration of members at our exciting events,
  • striking opinions and active participation in solving contemporary social problems,
  • networking Generation Y with other generations,
  • implementation of socially useful projects and developing interesting products.
The Y Talk - Exchange Ideas
The Y Talk – Exchange Ideas

And it truly is different to have a fun picnic with like-minded, proactive individuals. Exchanging ideas, future plans, sharing interesting experiences on the path of each-ones passions. It motivates me to success of others and the progresses. And how they overcome their challenges and temptations. It really gians some insights and ideas about my developing ideas. Love it. Really nice people of the Ypsilon Institute.

The Roling Cat
The Roling Cat

And the best thing of all is, that all these young people are focused enough to be successful and still at the same time relaxed enough to have a relaxing picnic party. Perfect combination.

Into The Night
Into The Night

I should’ve left earlier, as I had a business meeting the next morning, but it was just too interesting meeting these people to leave. Yet that time has came. But effeminately looking forward to our next adventure; Kite-surfing on Neretva river with Kaikala.

Will be so much fun.


Photos thanks to: Maša Gala