Globe Cruiser 2.0 near Viena

Globe Cruiser Road Trip #1: The Czech Republic & Poland

Globe Cruiser Sunset Near Viena
Globe Cruiser Sunset Near Viena
Globe Cruiser On The Road
Globe Cruiser On The Road

We took this 35-days long road trip around the Czech Republic and Poland in September 2009. It was the opening trip of the self-made camper van I named Globe cruiser. All together was an amazing trip with my sister Ana and my friend Tina. We’ve visited more than 15 places and drove a 4500 km on the roads of Central Europe. The van was working perfectly, we’ve met a lot of crazy people and our European friends on the way . . .
Actually it was such a great feeling to be traveling all the time like this, that when I got home . . . I couldn’t stand it. So the next day I call my friend Luka and we went to Croatian Island of Krk, to kind of easily slide back into a stable, one location only every day reality . . . It was hard, but the next trip is actually always just around the corner.

The Whole trip will be described by days and by places we’ve visited. It will be represented as a small book of the trip inside of this blog.

Enjoy traveling trough the amazing historic and natural beauties of Poland and the Czech republic

Day 1: On to the 4500 km long journey

Day 2: Global Relaxation @ Czech Republic

Day 3: The Magical Medieval City Of Mikulow, Czech Republic

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