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See Trough Rock Solid Window

See Trough Rock Solid Window
See Trough Rock Solid Window

This moment was captured in time in July 2009, at the Triglav Mountain, Slovenia.

This picture has a strong symbolic and metaphoric meaning in my social life. It’s representing our human ability to see trough people defenses and facades they put up to show them selves in a certain light. This picture a clear image of my developing ability to see people in their true self, personality activity process.

The more this skill develops, the more I begin to uncover that mostly when the outside rock of people’s personality breaks open . . . there’s just nothing there. Sheer empty space of antimatter. A matter consuming activity, with a black hole in the middle, that sucks on every bits of mater around it.

I am thankful for this ability, as it allows me to find great sights of personality activity people, which I truly admire, respect and love, and to avoid the antimatter people. Now, the tricky part is that the difference between matter and antimatter is really small.

Basically it the same material,  but with opposite charge and quantum spin to the particles. And just sometimes, some people can still  get bits and pieces of my matter in their hole of black, covered in beautiful, shining lime stone.

The black holes have a natural tendency to consume and all bits  of matter and turn it into and empty antimatter. People do that, because they are too lazy or unable to create their own matter.

Black Hole, Endless Consuming Process
Black Hole, Endless Consuming Process

So when the window opens and there is beautiful sights to be seen on the inside. Now, to find this kind of sights, you first need to open your soul completely, explore lots and lots of rocks and make windows  trough them in the right place . . .

But when you begin to discover the beautiful soul . . .  It’s the most truly happy moments of my life as I can remember.

See Trough Rock Solid Window
See Trough Rock Solid Window

Some people, still are good. Most people in my world are. But this picture of the world is, as it seems, a different, sad story.

Bellow The Sky Of Stars – Above The Planet Of Ours

Milky Way Sky  - Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Moonset
Milky Way Sky – Uluru (Ayers Rock) – Moonset

A coupple of nights back we were with a friend of mine, having an evening picnic dinner near the river.

Nice Camp Fire

Over a truly pleasant conversation by a nice, warm camp fire, we kind of lost sense of time . . . and before we knew it the pastel-colored orange-pink sky started to light up in small lights.
The stars were coming out.

It was really an amazing feeling to just lie under this vast, endless field of stars. The more time you look at this sky, the more and more stars start to reveal itself. And the whole field starts to get a clear 3-D impression. You can clearly see. which stars are closer, which are more far away, smaller and bigger. And you can’t really clearly tell, is that one star bigger or closer, copared to her “neighbouring” star. It’s kind of a fun confusion.You can see planets and the amazing line trough the middle of the sky . . . our home Universe, The Milky Way.

We’ve had a fun time exploring the stars, star compositions and alignments with the iPhone app, called Star Chart. It’s really one of the most fun apps for this awesome device.

Gemmini Star Aligment
Gemini Star Formation

The most interesting star formation we’ve found so far is the Gemini star alignment. Which is forming a picture of 2 humans hugging each other over shoulders. Get the picture? It’s really unifying feeling – seeing freindship and twin souls . . . are “written in the stars”. Or rather drawn 😉

Every time I watch the stars like this. I really start feeling so small, tiny even. What really is one small blue planet in this endless space? It’s literally nothing. And we make our global challenges so universal, as we would be forgetting that there is a whole wide world behind our sky, we so love to limit ourselves with.

I love the clear night sky. It’s like a door peak-hole into the worlds of power we are yet to explore . . .

New Star System Being Borned
New Star System Being Borned – Reach The World - Reach The World – Reach The World
Deep Soul Countries (58)
Deep Soul Countries Of The Earth

It will soon be a month since I’ve started writing my blog at I’ve always wanted to do this kind of blog, and than just one day . . . when I was ill on my surfing trip at Portugal and I decided not to be bored and just started writing.

I know I love writing since the secondary school. I loved to write essays and my teachers for Slovenian and English language loved them too.

Since 2008 I was building my first website for my company. Was fun, I was able to write about, like a page in 3 days . . .

But now with WordPress it’s so much different. I really, truly, deeply started to love writing. I sometimes write 3 or even 4 posts per day. It’s just like this effortless flow of inspiration and motivation is flowing out trough words.

I truly enjoy the feeling of uncovering my passion which beautifully co-exists with all my other passions of life.

A kind of true happiness sensation feeling.

Earth and Moon

Thank you for puting up such a wonderful, easy-to-use, effective service.

Thank you Surf Club Tribu, for the best possible meeting with the waves of The Ocean and teachings to surf them.

Thanks to my family, for endless support in all my crazy ideas.

Thank you . .. Jernej Rakuvšek, Your “Teachings Of The Ocean” book was a great inspiration for the start of this blog

Thanks to my Teachers: Marija Hlebanja, Iztok Mulej and Alenka Rozman, for encouraging my talent and their true support trough my wild teen-age years.

And an truly deep thank you to You . . .
and all the readers and followers from 58 countries earth-wide.
It’s a great motivation for my pasion, that my words are reaching the world.

Thank you
and see you in the real world

Freemasons United Great Lodge, Covent Garden, London UK

The All Seeing Eye, The Grad United Lodge, Freemasons, London UK
The All Seeing Eye, The Grad United Lodge, Freemasons, London UK
United Grand Lodge, Freemasons, London UK
United Grand Lodge, Freemasons, London UK

In my search to find The Covent Garden Market I was walking down the Great Queen Street. I ask one woman for the directions to the Market and it’s basically just down this street. I keep walking and when I passed a corner of one street, this amazingly powerful, beautiful building, kept me standing grounded. I would try to explain how I felt at that moment, but the whole sensation is just indescribable. . . After I was able to move again I felt drawn to this building. It has a church-like structure, but at the same time very different. I came to the main entrance, and man, this is the most powerful building I have ever seen.

The Mighty Fremasons United Grand Lodge Main Entrance, London UK
The Mighty Fremasons United Grand Lodge Main Entrance, London UK

I asked the security guy at the door what is this place. He said, It’s The Freemasons Main Building. I was almost shocked! I was always impressed by all the documentary films I’ve seen about them. Mostly because of the symbols they use and their connection with the Celestial world . . . I thought that they were existing like in the B.C. times. No, they still exists today. And you are able to get a free guided tour 5 times per day. I was quite surprised. I mean for a secret society, that felt quite open to me.

I booked a tour at four o’clock at went to explore deeper into the surrounding area. One street artist on Covent Garden Market was asking people where are they from . . .
One girl said: “USA”
He says: “Lovely. So are you here for holidays or just to learn the language.” 🙂
Really funny guy, every one laughed . . . and there was at least a hundred-people audience.

The Power Of Symbols
The Power Of Symbols

I came back to the Freemasons just in time. The tour starts in The Great Library Museum. And this whole building is just breathtaking. Litelary. There is symbols from every corner of the world on every corner of the building’s decorations. It’s just amazing. I felt such powerful sensations while walking trough this building.

The really cheerful, relaxed and fun guide was walking us trough the building with materials from around the globe. Like the Black Tanzanian Wood, Some Blue mystical Blue Stone from Egypt. And every piece of the decoration has it’s purpose and it’s meaning. It’s all been calculated according to the stars, planets and the Universe.

Symbols And Meanings - Celestial And Terestrail Worlds Unite, Fremasons
Symbols And Meanings – Celestial And Terestrail Worlds Unite, Fremasons

I was flooded with body sensations of this building impactful greatness, but when he opened the 3-tone bronze doors to the main chamber . . . huuuh, It was just too much. Huge height on the ceiling with the Universe Of Stars in The middle, Powerful symbols on each geometrical side of the sky, Zodiac signs around the whole building. For some times I found it really hard for me to breath, was just such an overwhelming overall sensation. . . Unbelievable  sights, Indescribable feeling, A whole new world, really.

The Endless Universe, The Grad United Lodge, Freemasons, London UK
The Endless Universe, The Grad United Lodge, Freemasons, London UK

Yes, I know this song is kind of cheesy . . . but at least it’s innocent and sincere in an exploring kind of way, beyoutifull worlds of earth.

Sacred Secrets Of The Freemasons - The Book
Sacred Secrets Of The Freemasons – The Book

I discovered that basically everyone can join their “secrect” society. You just have to believe in a source of higher power, energy, destiny, God, . . . or whatever you chose to call it. I am really considering this amazing organization with roots from ancient times and their connection to the Universe and symbols. I will deferentially explore deeper in to this.

And I found a link to Masonic Architecture around the Earth. Trully amazing stuff.

If The Sky Is The Limit… You Are Missing More To Life

Best song for today:
Elvis Jackson – This Time (Against The Gravity)
The best band from Slovenia

That same day: As I was watching our amazing star, the Sun diving swiftly in to the Ocean from the sky. This tought came to mind. The sky is the limit.
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June 21: A major celestal event – Summer solstice

Aicent meaning of the summer solstice - Stonehenge
Aicent meaning of the summer solstice – Stonehenge

Today is a very special day in my personal calendar. A major celestial event,  the Summer Solstice (from sol, the Latin for “sun,” and sistere, meaning “to stand still”) which happens at the June 20th – June 21st in the northeren hemisphere. On this day the Sun reaches the highest point in the sky. And so we get the longest day and the shortest night.
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