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Deep Soul Surfing Session With Dolphins And A Killer Whale

Dolphins On Baleal Beach, Peniche, Portugal, 21.10.2012
Dolphins On Baleal Beach, Peniche, Portugal, 21.10.2012

Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised, as the forecast for the day was heavy rain and cold winds.  We woke up in the morning and the forecast was correct, we were having breakfast and making plans for a lazy surfers Sunday.

But before we finished with the coffee, the warm sun came shinning trough the dense clouds and in less than 20 minutes the sky was crystal clear.
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Rainbow Country @ Peniche, Portugal

Rainbow Country, Portugal
Rainbow Country, Portugal

Feel Like Dancing, Dance Cause We Are Free

Today was a bit of a changing weather day here in Pencihe. There was really hot sunny morning, and just as I was to leave to the beach, there was a huge rainy storm taking over the clear deep blue skies. So I decided to finish my work, which was falling a bit behind, cause of all the good swells in Heart of the Ocean . . . and also in the mind’s heart.
I must admit, that some time livinge here in Peniche there was some doubt present if this is the right direction of my life to take . . . I’ve came almost to the point of deep worries . . .
And than today, while I was going to the shop with my sister, we passed a rocky ocean cliff, with this magnificent sight to be seen over them.
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One, Two , Freedom @ Portugal

Baleal Beach, Portugal
Baleal Beach, Portugal

It’s amazing . . . in just 10 hours after leaving my home of birth to my home of choice, Portugal. It took me, my and my friends Domen, Ana, Samir and Lea 4 different types of transportation, but still . . . The path trough half the Europe was swift indeed.
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