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Deep Soul Magic Inspiration @ Let’s Doodle

wpid-received_m_mid_1398959917928_b9cf0d5b44bb105922_0.jpegToday when I posted the previous post I also send my friend Nina, the crator and founder of Let’s Doodle Unique Surfwear, a photo of her logo on my new magic stick. This was a little thanks for her sharing of her music, which is making the rides on the waves of a 20 year old diesel engine a much more pleasurable experience, thank you Nina;) Continue reading Deep Soul Magic Inspiration @ Let’s Doodle

Let’s Doodle – Unique Heart Made, Hand Crafterd Surfwear

Doodle Surf
Doodle Surf

I’ve met Nina Doodle on that very same surf trip on which I started this blog. . . . in may 2012. Nina is already responsible for many geat photos on this blog, as she was working as a photographer for Surf School Tribu Portugal in Peniche. Who knows . . . maybe it’s because of her great photos, I got my finall motivation to start this blog.
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A lovely metaphor put out by Pumpkin Seed in her blog:

“Perhaps I swim against the stream simply to not be swept up in the current and it may be better to appear to be standing still than to be swimming in the wrong direction.”

The Salmon fish are fighters, different form all the other fish . . . they swim against the (main)stream.

This thought never occurred to me before this morning, while reading the White Pumpkin blog.

And it’s a lovely metaphor to have and keep.
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No Matter What

No Mater What
No Matter What . . .

No matter what challenge life may throw at you,
It’s always best to face it head on.

Even the worse situations are not as bad as they may seen on the first sight.
And each such situation is  great opportunity to truly teach our-selves how to keep our focus and stand our ground and not get washed away, even by the strongest swells of life.

Just need to hold on tight,  (to your dream)
cause the bright sun-light,
is always in the line of sight.

Sunrise Of The New Light (photo Owned by
Sunrise Of The New Light (photo Owned by

Swell Of Waves In The Sky

Just found this amazing dreamy photo on Google tonight. And I just had to share this with everyone. It’s such an amazing sight to be seen. I really wish to see in in person some day.

And after seeing it, I imediately started to wonder how this can happen and if it is maybe Photoshop edited. And the website that posted the photo had an answer right below the image.

“This is an example of a Kelvin-Helmholtz Wave Cloud, formed when lighter warmer air passes above denser colder air. If the difference in the speed of the two air layers is significant, this shear induces clouds with wave-like appearance to develop between the two layers. “
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