Foam Party Surfing And Beautiful Night Life Of Portugal

On Friday, after 2 days without being in the Ocean, my heart was beating in the surf-surf-SURF rythem  strongly again. And the pain in the shoulder muscles has vanished completely. So my mind, my body, my soul and my muscles were ready to surf again.

Onshore Messy Waves, Baleal Beach, Peniche Portugal
Onshore Messy Waves, Baleal Beach, Peniche Portugal

The waves were far away from perfect on all the spots around Peniche on that day, but the will to surf was just too strong to resist. Even the fact that my two broken short boards were not fixed yet didn’t stop me to enter the water.

Broken Board @ Costum glass repairs
Broken Board @ Costum glass repairs

Still the 7.0 Mini-malibu surfboard was quite the right choice for the multiple-swell, onshore winds conditions. There was no constant peak, and to get started on the wave you had to be quite lucky to get the right peak and surf the slowly-breaking wave. Was a lot of fun, to be in the Ocean after such a long time (2-days) and even tough I didn’t ride long and steep waves, the feeling inside was simply the best.

Moreover it was a relief in a way, to be in the water on this more beginner board, as the paddeling seemed like a piece of cake and getting the take-off’s on the waves was really simple. Felt good indeed.

We went to the Surf Festival @ Supertubos in the evening, which was a part of the program for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal  2012 ASF world tour competition. Was a really fun night with my Brazilian friend Diego and the people from The Surf House Tribu.

We had the most fun with Diego, meeting the cutest girls of the party. It’s really fun to be out with him, as we can make appraising really good looking women a lot of fun. It doesn’t even matter what the result is,  it’s maybe sometimes even more fun, when they want to reject you.

Beautiful Girl Of Portugal
Beautiful Girl Of Portugal

Like this one girl. I think she was the most beautiful girl at the party that night. The minute I saw her, I went straight up to her and said: ” You look like you’re really enjoying the music here” with the laughing tone inside the sentence. And she made the most awfully expression with her face. At that moment I thought she must really hate the music and I said: “That I agree, the music is not as nice as the people are here” and for a moment there you could see a shine in her eyes,  but she hide it and made the strange face again” At that point the situation got really funny and I just started laughing deeply and  said: “You know, that must be the most strangest way to reject guys I have ever seen” and I walked away to my friends and continue to have fun.

We were both laughing with Diego when I told him about her reaction. Was truly funny indeed.

I kind of noticed the girl was staying around for quite some time, actually she was in our area all the time.  And one time when we captured our eyes, I’ve tried to make the same funny face impression as she did, in a funny way. She looked kind of shoked and looked away.

After some time, as I went to order some beers for us, I started talking with one other girl. She was really interasting, from Spain and we ended up chatting for a bit, after she danced off to the crowd.

Moche Music Festival, Peniche Portugal
Moche Music Festival, Peniche Portugal

After that, the most interesting thing happened. The beautiful girl with strangely funny face expressions, came up to me and said: “You guys are not from Portugal, right?” We ended up talking for a bit and after that she was a really nice person indeed. I mean, at least she kept her beautiful face, truly beautiful. Nothing happened that night with her, but still this was my deep soul personal victory.

I managed to keep my focus and not get distracted by her distortions of reality. I don’t blame her at all for her initial reaction . . . Probably she gets a lot of strange approaches on big parties like this and somehow she has to protect her-self to be able to have fun. But would I lose my focus on the fun sides of life, probably I would have fucked up her unique opportunity to meet someone who is truly different. And also my ability to have fun in whatever situation the swell of life might break on the beach of personality activity.

Amazing Night Life in The Beautiful Portugal.


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