I Feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal

I Follow Hearts . . . To Portugal

I Feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal
I Feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal

The autumn equinox has arrived, the Northeren Hemisphere marks the beginning of autumn, the night will be getting longer and longer and the whole new universal cycle is begining today.

Home On The Road
Home On The Road

My flight to Lisbon is confirmed and we will be arriving in Peniche around midnight. It’s a truly awesome feeling. Now looking back at the Summer period of 2012 it seems almost unbelievable the tasks and projects that I’ve completed  in this time, just so I am able to move to Portugal again for the following two months.

One of those things is also this blog, which I started exactly 3 months ag. I’ve posted the first post on my very first blog on June 17th and now, just 3 months later, we already have over 10.000 followers on Facebook.

Surf Mode
Surf Mode

And there are many other projects that were done; remaking and translating the page of our Surf School Tribu, launching in the next month, rebuilding my company and saving it from the European debt and Slovenian payment crisis and making it immune to both of them.

We also started the EU expansion project and by the end of this year we will have this company in Germany and Austria aswell. I also cosed my other company which required my presence in Slovenia. Moreover I started 3 more web pages, which will be done by the end of the year. Too much!

And in the meantime I was studying Social Media Marketing, Copy writing and SEO web-content building, and had a fun, travelling and enjoyable summer . . . most of the time. This last 40 days however were juts work, work and work from before night-rise to long after night-fall.

Surf Baleal Beach, Portugal
Surf Baleal Beach, Portugal

But now . . . 2 months of Portugal living await, starting today.

Now . . . I am starting to get that really “can’t wait” feeling trough the whole of my body senses. Absolutely nice.

And now my dear followers, I will be out of bloging, facebook, twitter, instagram and all that fun stuff until 24th of September. I am taking some time to recalibrate, refocus, reenergise and reenable my true, rested, happy and peaceful self. And in that time Deep Soul Surfer Team member Ažbe Mejavšek, will do his magic with the design of the Deep Soul Surfer Blog.

The last sight of the sun on the summer solstice
The last sight of the sun on the summer solstice

And the period that is starting today is the best time to set the new direction for the time that follows now.

And I am truly happy, that I will be able to this at my favorite cliff spot in Portugal, by the great Ocean. The very same place I’ve done it 3 months ago.

What a joy.

4 thoughts on “I Follow Hearts . . . To Portugal”

  1. Hej. Moj dragi (Portugalec iz Penicha) se že nekaj časa hihita in uživa v blogu. Predvsem je v blogu našel odgovor na vse njegove ideje, kje bi lahko v Sloveniji surfal … no, vsaj poskusil. Anyway, živim v Penichu (preseljena iz Primorske) … vabljen na kavo.

    1. Hey Maja 😉
      One more Slovenian Home away from Home ;))
      Full lepo. Ja itak, potrebno je spoznat ljudi, ki se gibajo na istih swellih in jih zanaša na enake kraje. Sliši se zanimivo . . . a se dobimo kar en dan na Boxaxici? uglavnem 040611020 is the magic number ;P

      meet you soon

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