SharkSkin River Paddle Training

River Surfing – Paddle Training

Before my surf trip I decided to put the SharkSkin wet suit to the test in a very cold water of the Sava River and realize my idea about paddle training on an flowing river against the stream.

River Surfing - Paddle Training
River Surfing – Paddle Training

Downstream river surfing
Downstream river surfing

Was a great idea. About standing still on one point of the river, while paddling hard against the strong current. Like some professional swimmers do in specialy designed swimming pools. Turned out to be a great training exercise AND was also a lot of fun, ridding the current of the river downstream with a surfboard.

The SharSkin passed the test conditionally. The wet suit was comfortable after some 3 minutes after entering the water. But the water was only 10 degrees . . . and my feet and palms weren’t comfortable at all. Well maybe after they cold-hurt beyond feeling them 🙂
so the Sharskin allowed me to be fairly comfortable in 10 degree water. But I think it would be the same in a 3/2 wet-suit they say it will comfortably replace. I didn’t catch any cold, so that’s all fine.

River Paddle Training
River Paddle Training

Surely will do this kind of river surfing again. But hopefully such long times away from the great ocean will be occurring on as rare occasions as possible .

Only 3 more days to reunite the Ocean and ride some waves!
(getting kind of sick of paddle ONLY sessions . . .)


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