Paddle, Paddle, Paddle

…I realized every surfer has to like paddling, at least a little. this was because extremely little of each surf session is spent actually standing up on your surfboard on a wave – maybe one percent – so if you’re looking to have a good time it’s essential to find a way to enjoy paddling, or at least good-naturedly bear it. and in that way, I thought, surfing is kind of a good metaphor for the rest of life.” (jaimal yogis)

Paddle Session For Tubes, Lake Bled, Slovenia
Paddle Session For Tubes, Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Just One Day In Peniche

Today I woke up, after the first night of truly good sleep, on the cliffs of Conscolescao. Was a great sight of the first light of the day, slowly climbing over the horizon and lighting the land inch by inch.

First Light Of Peniche, Surf Spot
First Light Of Peniche, Surf Spot

The sun felt even better as there was rain forecasted for this morning. But the look on the waves was not as nice and this was forecasted correctly. There is a massive storm coming to Canary Islands, passing really close to the coast of Portugal,  giving high un-arranged mess of waves to the surf-spots of Peniche, Portugal.
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Sweet Waves Of Freedom

This first day of Portugal were just the most amazing reward for a 77 days of continuous working on many projects, any surfing soul can imagine.

Yes it was, funking hard work all summer long, every day, from morning till the night. But with this picture in front of me . . .

A Dream Side View - Surf Portugal
A Dream Side View – Surf Portugal

and the company with huge amounts of money, we will never get from the costumers, because of the “awesome” system of the country of Slovenia, behind me . . .

and the new company, this new blog and the new direction I set my swell of energy for life into beside me.

I can’t say that there was ever any moment that I was lacking motivation. But I did lack a lot of energy and in this time it started to show on my health as well . . . not to say the social life and such.
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One, Two , Freedom @ Portugal

Baleal Beach, Portugal
Baleal Beach, Portugal

It’s amazing . . . in just 10 hours after leaving my home of birth to my home of choice, Portugal. It took me, my and my friends Domen, Ana, Samir and Lea 4 different types of transportation, but still . . . The path trough half the Europe was swift indeed.
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I Follow Hearts . . . To Portugal

I Feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal
I Feel sLOVEnia @ Portugal

The autumn equinox has arrived, the Northeren Hemisphere marks the beginning of autumn, the night will be getting longer and longer and the whole new universal cycle is begining today.

Home On The Road
Home On The Road

My flight to Lisbon is confirmed and we will be arriving in Peniche around midnight. It’s a truly awesome feeling. Now looking back at the Summer period of 2012 it seems almost unbelievable the tasks and projects that I’ve completed  in this time, just so I am able to move to Portugal again for the following two months.
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Surfs With Dolphins

Some amazing shots coming form the the Hurley Pro surf contest yesterday. During the surf battles for waves, the Dolphins kicked in and dropping in on surfers.

Must’ve been such a sight to be seen, as even the picture looks awesome. Truly amazing animals, who also looooove sufring 😉
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