Sand Surfing, Morocco

Sand Surfing Morocco – Epic Fail

Sand Surfing, Marocco
Sand Surfing, Marocco

This morning we were chatting with my sister and we reminded ourselves about our first surf club Tribu trip to Morocco we took in January 2011. She made a really good video about our meeting the Great Ocean, first steps in surfing and exploring the marvelous country of Morocco.

One of the fun and interesting activities we did on that trip was sand surfing. We did it on one small part of the desert on our way to the city Essaouira.

Well in that trip I realized, that yes, surfing is something I was created to do . . .
“There’s not too many things in life, where you can put yourself into a position, where you have to concentrate on  the one thing, one thing only. It’s a wonderful part of being alive. To be able to experience something like that”

And as for sand surfing . . .
well let’s just say it sounds / looks better than it truly is 😉

Sand Surfing Epic Fail - Morocco
Sand Surfing Epic Fail – Morocco


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