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Tell All The People That You See, We’re All Free

Surf Baleal Beach, Portugal
Surf Baleal Beach, Portugal

After surfing a really great surf session at Baleal beach today, we returned to the Surf House Tribu in Peniche Portugal. It was not the nicest waves today, but it was the nicest session with just friends in the line-up. Diego Miha and Klemen.  And when we turned on the radio, this song of Doors – Tell All The People was playing. I have almost forgotten about this song and in the today’s moment it just lightend up all my senses and just took me away. Really great instrumental and vocal masterpiece, with a really great meaning.

After hearing this song, we’ve gotten into a deep debate with Miha, about the misuse and abuse of the word freedom and being free in the today’s time. He said, that capitalistic world is very smoothly ambiguous and when it comes down to it… it’s all about the subjective perception of the  every ones self. He completed his statement with the example of one buying a nice cabriolet-car, which is advertised strongly as a symbol of freedom. But than when one person buys this car in the pursuit of “instant feeling” freedom. But if an irrational person, who might be male and might use this symbol of freedom to seduce the female, who is maybe seeking a free guy. But that one person feeling of freedom turns into slavery in reality as he has to pay 50% of his wage, Probably not even be able to be free in reality, that he can drive in his car of freedom, everywhere he would want… But every time he pay, for his income

I agree with him. It might be the root of the systematic structural problems of our today’s global human-consumption society . This marketing, specially in the industry of  luxury cars, jewlery industry, luxury brands of clothes, the romance industry… and a lot more. Probably the whole thing is build around the illusion of the perception of each-ones person steady self. It truly is an illusion…

Cover of "The Science of Enlightenment"
Cover of The Science of Enlightenment

I was guided to this enlightenment by Shinzen Young’s  The Science Of Enlightenment. Really mind opening stuff.  Maybe even some major religions are putting the illusion of one’s constant steady self to the centre, instead of the enlightened state of the soul… which was the central meaning of all the world’s religions. It’s just a mind-boggling thought…. And Miha today shared one documentary which is about this topic. He said it’s 4 hours long. So this movie is going to a “must watch this” list for one cold, rainy January day.

This conversation really made me think deeply about what truly freedom means to me. I mean trule unconditional freedom. And how does one know, this is ones true freedom and not just a illusionary  feeling of freedom, build in to one by the subliminal, unconscious and “implied meaning” advertising?

I feel it’s essential, if one decide to pursuit pure unconditional freedom, to first understand what that truly is in reality. How else is one suppose to chose ones path effectively if there is no true direction for one to take..
What does the word freedom mean to you?

How do you know you are  feeling completely free from every moment to every moment?

Follow Me Down
Follow Me Down

Can’t you see the wonder at your feet
Your life’s complete
Follow me down

Tell all the people that you see
Follow me
Follow me down
Tell all the people that you see
We’ll be free
Follow me down

Complete lyrics of The Doors  – Tell All The People

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