Broken Board

Shit Happens; Some Days… It’s The Best Damn Shit That Ever Happened :)

First Morning Light on Berlenga Islands
First Morning Light on Berlenga Islands

This morning, I woke up, after a really calm and relaxed night of sleeping. The previous night I really couldn’t sleep well, cause of the major life challange that occured 2 days ago.. I can’t really sleep well, when I don’t know what path, at least, ideologically, my life’s basically important areas will follow. And from yesterday on… I think it is the first time in my life, when I feel exactly, that the path I am on…  is the path of my true self, my heart

We went surfing right after breakast. When arriving on the beach, there was no sign of the 2 meter waves, which were forecasted the day before. In fact that was all right, as yesterday we’ve got 2 more soul surfer girls. Despite experience, the first day, after some time of surfing the Ocean is always tough…

Shit Happens, Some Days...
Shit Happens, Some Days…

After 3 hours of surfing the small, slow waves… the conditions improved and we were acctually getting long rides on the waves. Really good friend reuniting session in The Ocean… until…

Some wave broke, Iztok started on the wave, got a wipe-out and… broke the board in half. A sad, raged and definitely shitty  moment for every surfer.

The best shit that we, got of of this “shit happens” situation (for now) is the “Shit happens joke list”, which we came across because of this situation. We laughed alot over this, while having a nice lunch in the House of Tribu in Portugal. With a company of honestly pleasant people, every shit soon turns into gold.

We added a version of Slovenian shit happens version, which I included in my list of top shit happens jokes…

  • Taoism:  Shit happens.
  • Slovenia (my quote): I don’t care if shit happens to me, as long as more shit happens to my neighbour
  • Atheism: Shit happens, therefore, there is no God.
  • Catholicism If shit happens, you deserved it.
  • Christian Science: It’s not shit, and it’s not happening.
  • Judaism: Why does shit always happen to us?
  • Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.
  • IslamII: If shit happens, kill the person(s) responsible.
  • New age: If shit happens, embrace it and share it
  • Baha’I: Shit happens to everyone equally.
  • Optimism: That’s the best damn shit that ever happened.
  • Pessimism: It’s all shit.
  • Rastafarisme: Let’s smoke this shit.
  • Politically correctness: Defecated matter occurs.
  • Einstein (Thanks to Ric L Forster): Time dilates all shit.
  • Shakespeare: To “pu” or not to “pu”, that is the question.
  • Mathematicians:(Thanks to Aleksandar Ignjatovic): Is this shit continuous? Is this shit everywhere dense?

You can find the complete list of “shit happenes” on this link.

Hope, that lightens up some occasional “shit happens” situations of yours 😉

Shit happens
Shit happens

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