Tribu peak @ Baleal beach, Portugal

June 20: International day of surfing – always do what feels right!

Knee-high playwves on Baleal
Knee-high playwves on Baleal

After waking in the morning, I instantly felt happy, as the weakness of yestarday was sucesfully washed and couched away 😉 It really felt great, to be feeling all-right and strong again. I was thankfull that yesterday I took the whole day to rest… in the background of my consciousness this song was playing, which one person, defenately worth meeting again, shared with me the other day.

The best part of this song goes like this:
“Once, once in your life,
Won’t you do what feels right,
Instead of waiting for the next big compromise. “

If I would write this song I would put the word ALWAYS (in your life), instead of just once. But it’s OK, once everyone has to start, to always do it.

When we were checking the wave forecast  with the breakfast. Much to everyone’s surprise there was an offshore winds predicted for this day. Suprised because, this whole week, strong onshore winds are being predicted. We finished breakfast swiftly and headed to the beach of Baleal.

Tribu peak @ Baleal beach, Portugal
Tribu peak @ Baleal beach, Portugal

Ariving at the beach was really good after 2 days of resting. Despite the fact the waves were small and slowly breaking and I was on the edge of gettin ill… my body needed surfing. It felt right,  to just put on the wetsuite and paddle to the line-up. There was not a lot of surfers there, so we had the whole peak for our-selves. We called it the Tribu peak .

It was the most perfect international day of  surfing you can imagine. Surfing on a knee-high play-waves with just friends around you…. It’s almost cheasy if I look at it now;) But it was really a fun and relaxed line-up.

Games of clouds
Games of clouds

Somehow it feels like some “god of surfing”, maybe Poseidon has gited us this 4hour sesion on this international day of surfing, as soon in the afternoon the wind got stronger and turned this little waves into an unsurfable mess…

Defenately this was the day that alwaves felt right , and that same feeling continued in to the night…

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