June 18: A Day To Rest And Chillax With Friends

Sunset at Batel, Portugal

The next day was ment for me to rest, as the strong onshore winds were turning the beaches to “rios da onda” (eng: river of waves). So I enjoyed like a sunday morning, did everything nesecary for my company in Slovenia called čistilni servis Kapljica.

After that I drove to the city of Peniche to buy food for the week. On the way I stopped at the chinese shop and bought some improvments for the van. If I would know, at the time I was building the Cruiser, that I will be surfing with this van, I would’ve never put a carpet for the floring. But now it was done and I needed to find one cheap solution for the problem. So I have bought 2 small washable carpets for the enterance of the van.  We also found it difficult to wash the dishes it the van, as the sink is really small, tiny infact 😉 So I  bought the shower with the hose to install it to the cruiser current watter system. I also needed to buy a new watterpump, because the old one, after 4 years of pumping, got all clauged up with lime stone. The chinese shop, really came trough with my low budget surf trip. For everything , + a 4 person camping eating equipment, I paid only 32 eur. Really good deal – a bright side of the globalisation ;))

Lunch at the cliffs of Peniche, Portugal
Lunch at the cliffs of Peniche, Portugal

Finaly,  after all the work done I decided to drive to the cliffs and have my launch at my favorite rock. This place amazes me every time I go there. It feels somehow different in my body. At that place I get an overal pleasant body sensation. As if that rock around me has some story to tell. I cant quite explain it, but sure feels trully good to be there. When I finished my meal I did a total body relaxaion meditation and refocued my thoughts ideas and goals. Since I’ve learned this practice I feel the need to have my thoughuts  of my thinking mind and feelings from my feeling body intuned with the new directioon I have decided to navigate my life to…

Totaly relaxed I drove back to the base at The house of  Tribu. I instaled all the new components in the Cruiser and now it has became the Globe cruiser v2.2.1 😉

Satisfied with the work completed it was time to enjoy an afternoon with my friend from Brazil, Diego and Nina, who is a photographer in The house of Tribu (she is also responsible for the majority of photos in these posts – thank you Nina). Diego cooked us a nice student style spagheti and we enjoyed a nice conversation and a movie later. Just before dinner I drove to Batel to enjoy a beautiful “por do sol” (sunset in Porrugese).
When returning to the house of tribu located at Rua Por do sol (the sunset street), I have started feeling something growing on my lower lip, and started to feel really exhausted and tired.
I went to seleep really early… and the next day when I woke up…. BAM…

Some pictures from today:

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